The Oji Group Corporate Code of Conduct.

I. We, the management and employees of the Oji Group, hereby adopt the Oji Group Corporate Code of Conduct, as detailed below, as guiding principles for corporate activities based on awareness of our responsibilities as a corporate citizen, and on high ethical principles appropriate for an organization that enjoys the trust of society.
II. We, the management and employees of the Oji Group, will strive at all times to implement this Code, and to contribute to the genuine enrichment of society.
  • Compliance with the Law
    We will comply with the letter and spirit of the law in Japan and other countries, respect corporate ethics and all social standards, including common sense, and ensure that our business activities are fair and honorable.
  • Harmony with the Environment
    We will promote sustainable forest management and paper recycling and maintain and develop business activities that are in harmony with the environment from a global perspective.
  • Supply of Safe, Useful Products and Services
    We will contribute to society and culture by developing and supplying products that will allow us to gain the satisfaction and trust of customers, with proper consideration for usefulness and safety.
  • Communication with Society
    We will establish relationships of trust with all stakeholders, including customers, shareholders and local residents, through an active commitment to good communication with society.
  • Participation in Social Contribution Activities
    We will contribute to the development and improvement of society through active participation in social contribution activities.
  • Coexistence with the International Community
    We will respect the culture and customs of other countries and contribute to local communities.
  • Contribution through Manufacturing
    We will express our pride in our role as a manufacturer by contributing to local communities through production activities guided by a commitment to safety and protecting the environment, and by contributing to the advancement of industry through technology development and innovation.
  • Achievement of Employee Satisfaction
    We will take all possible steps to ensure employee health and safety, and we will strive to give employees opportunities to achieve happiness and prosperity and realize their potential as individuals.

The revision or abolition of “The Oji Group Corporate Code of Conduct” and ”The Oji Group Behavior Standard” is a matter to be resolved by the Board of Directors of the Company. These are the standards for activities for all officers and employees of Oji Group under the involvement of the Board of Directors, and translated into each language to be familiarized to all officers and employees of the Oji Group.